Restaurants & Bakeries Web Design & Maintenance

Website Design Made For Gourmet

The website we build for you will give potential customers the basic information they need to make a decision about your restaurant which includes:

  • Contact Form: To create contact between owner and customer.
  • Location: Interactive Google Map to know where you are exactly located.
  • Menu: To let customers know what type of dishes you serve.
  • Photos: To let the customers visualize themselves dining at your restaurants.

Other important information such as wifi availability, online orders and reservation services, social media handles, review and rating section, hours that you serve, etc would also be displayed on your website.

Cool Features for Resturants Website

Restaurant Carousel

We will develop a restaurant carousel schema and submit for inclusion in google local rich cards feature.

Fully Responsive and Most Advanced UI

Responsive design and modern user interface with advanced elements to wow your customers.

Google Map Integrated

Navigate customers to your address using interactive google map on your website

Cross Browser Optimization

Responsive design with cross browser competibility supporting desktop, tablet and mobile version of diferent browsers.
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